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SINGER 7258 Review Sewing Machine Pro
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Summary: If you feel you’ve graduated past those beginner machines and now you’re looking for something that will stand up over time, be able to get through multiple layers and thick materials with ease, is simple to use, and absolutely packed with features then this one is well worth the investment




If you’re looking for a sewing machine that can take on a variety of tasks, whether simple or more complicated, the SINGER 7258 is a great model to look at. Not only is the price reasonable for what you’re getting but it’s also the winner of the CONSUMERS DIGEST Best Buy award. This machine focuses on ease of use, a huge variety of options and features, and top quality parts.


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–          Features 100 built-in stitches which can be selected through the computerized screen.

–          Free-arm sewing machine complete with an instructional DVD

–          Comes with 10 presser feet to give you the ultimate versatility when it comes to your projects.

–          Take on any project with ease such as crafts, sewing, heirloom, quilting, decor items, and decorative sewing.

–          Is built on a heavy duty metal frame that will stand the test of time and will ensure you don’t have skipped stiches.

–          Offers an easy threading system so you aren’t wasting time trying to figure it out, also offers an automatic needle threader. The instructions state that it can be threaded in just six seconds. As well to keep it simple the threading instructions have been printed on the machine.

–          The LED screen displays such helpful information as your stitch width, length, and setting.

–          Features an incredibly bright LED work light with a long lasting bulb (up to 100,000 hours), yet this bulb is always cool to the touch.

–          Threading the bobbin is easy as well.

–          Offers automatic tension.

–          Seven automatically sized built-in buttonholes.

–          A feature that allows you to program the speed using the start/stop button as well as the needle up/down.

–          Watch the instructional DVD that is included or follow the Quick Start Guide that guarantees to have you completely ready to start sewing within five minutes.

–          Automatic reverse and automatic presser foot pressure.

–          Extra-high presser foot lifter.

What You’ll Find in the Box

There are a large amount of accessories included with this machine which are:

– 10 different feet (all-purpose, zipper, buttonhole, blind hem, satin stitch, overcasting, darning and embroidery, gathering, rolled hem, and quarter inch)

– bobbins

– pack of needles

– thread spool caps

– spool pin felt

– auxiliary spool pin

– darning plate

– needle plate screwdriver

– seam ripper/lint brush

– soft-sided dust cover

– foot pedal

– power cord

– DVD instructional manual

– Instructional manual in English, Spanish, and French


With this machine it’s hard to find anything but pros to discuss, as this truly is a hard working machine that will see you through all kinds of projects that you throw its way. The threading system has been set up to be very quick and simple so you can get right to the task at hand. Operation of the machine is quiet and you can feel that it’s solid thanks to the metal frame construction. The variety of built-in stitches is more than impressive and probably more than you’ll ever need to use. As well the large variety of included feet should take you through all your projects with ease.


Although the price is reasonable for what you are getting for some it still may be a bit steep. This is meant to be for the more advanced sewer so if you are just starting out this machine probably isn’t ideal for you.



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