How to Choose a Sewing Machine

Whether you’re looking forward to making a few outfits for your children’s dolls, repairing some torn jeans, or simply plan on making an entire wardrobe for your family, it is absolutely paramount that you purchase the right sewing machine. After all, having the right sewing machine can be the difference between ultimate sewing success and ultimate sewing failure. If you’re like most individuals, you probably don’t have a clue on how to choose the best sewing machine. Well, we hear and understand your dilemma. As such, we have created this article to help make your decision easier. With this in mind, let’s get started.


Evaluate your sewing needs

In order to choose the best machine, you have to know exactly what type of sewing machine you need. For instance, if you only plan on using the machine sporadically then you will need a different machine than if you plan on using it every single day. This is because there are different types of machines for different purposes.


  • Basic machines are typically used for repairing torn items and  are not typically used for making more difficult items. In addition, home machine are slower and are typically used by one person or more.  These machines are typically cheaper, lighter, more compact and have less features.


  • Higher quality machines are typically used to make draperies, coats, etc. Some of these are used to stitch thread and/or  fabric.  In comparison,  commercial or industrial size machines are more complex, larger, and very faster. They tend to be more expensive as well.


Know your budget

You should always consider your budget when you’re deciding the type of machine to buy. After all, some basic machines range from $125.00 to $1000 or more. In this beginning range, you’ll typically receive a machine that is difficult to replace so when it stops working you’ll have to replace it.  This is because the parts may be hard to find or simply may not exist at all as they become updated rather quickly.


For machines within the $200-$600 price range, you’ll get an average machine that is good for the beginning user. It will typically last a few years, assuming you don’t use it often or for long periods of time. This one is more suitable for individuals who plan on using it for a longer period of time and don’t mind the extra costs.


Consider features

The price of the machine will depend on the features you needs. For instance, a fabric shifting machine can be controlled by work feeders, work holders, etc. On same token, if you’re worried about sticking yourself with the needle, you might choose one with a safety device to prevent those types of injuries. Knowing the features that are absolutely essential and those that are
“cool or nice to have” will make the selection process much easier.


Bargain shop

In all instance, you should shop around for the best deal. Typically you can find end of the year sales at crafting or department stores. Another option is to search online.


In conclusion, finding the perfect sewing machine is absolutely necessary to having a successful sewing experience. Although choosing the best sewing machine isn’t hard, it requires a bit of initial effort to know your needs and your budgetary constraints. Knowing exactly what you’re searching for, the features you desire in a machine, and being willing to conduct enough research to find the  best machine takes a bit of effort but is definitely worth it in the end.

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