Brother PQ1500S Review

Brother PQ1500S Review Sewing Machine Pro
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Summary: All in all whenever you can combine tools and still get a great deal the positives always seem to outweigh the negatives. This is a great way to combine two versatile tools into one impressive and reliable machine.




The Brother PQ1500S High Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine has been designed for those looking for a professional machine that can offer up to 1,500 stitches per minute and is packed full of features and functions. What’s great is that you’re essentially getting two machines in one which saves you space and hassle since you can complete virtually all projects on this one machine.

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–          This machine features a push-button auto thread trimmer, a knee lever for the presser foot lift, and an auto needle positioner.

–          Features a retractable drop feed dog control.

–          As mentioned it is capable of an impressive 1,500 stitches per minute, which makes it much faster than your average machine.

–          Can hold up to even the most serious and professional of seamstress or quilters.

–          Features an adjustable pin feed mechanism.

–          Four feed dog settings that offer you full control of any fabric you are using.

–          When quilting you can make use of the bed extension table.

–          Adjustable range foot pressure.

–          Features solid construction so even at high speeds it will hold up well.

–          Is able to move a number of layers of fabric at one time which gives you better accuracy.

–          Is able to sew seams without any puckering.

–          There is a dual thread stand so you can keep two thread spools ready at any given time.

–          Despite all the high-tech features and offerings the machine is still easy to use and understand.

–          Bobbin changing is simple and quick so there is no fiddling around.

–          When the machine needs oiling there is no need to take it apart as it features small holes where you can apply the drops of oil.

–          Features a bright light so you can see your project well.

What You’ll Find in the Box

–          A manual

–          Seven presser feet


The speed has to be mentioned once again as one of the biggest pros here. It’s hard to find a machine that is capable of this many stitches per minute and that also offers high quality parts, design, and construction. Brother has come through on all accounts. As well you’ll find that the operation of the machine feels very fluid, smooth, and quiet. Users continually comment on how easy the fabric “flows” through the machine with almost no work on your part. The tension is another area that really comes out with flying colors as it is both consistent and reliable. Another pro is its user-friendly design. Yes there are a lot of features and functions but the way everything has been laid out on the machine itself and described in the owner’s manual makes the learning curve very easy. Of course it all comes down to the results and with this machine you can expect to achieve some very professional looking results on your project that will impress not just you but everyone else.


Because this is two machines in one it may not be necessary for some sewers. As well it does take up a bit more room than your average sewing machine so you will need to make sure you have enough space. This one maybe not be as portable as some of the cheaper more basic models so if you want to move around with it, this may not be the best choice.



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