Brother 1034D Review

Brother 1034D Review Sewing Machine Pro

Summary: What is obvious right from the start with this machine is its’ solid construction, attention to details, and high-quality parts which makes the consumer feel confident with this purchase. It’s great for that first timer serger who is looking for something that is above and beyond basic and simple.




The Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger can be described as reliable, hard-working, high-quality, and professional. If these are the type of qualities you’re looking for in a serger this may just be the machine for you. Offering a wide variety of sleek looking features and options this machine manages to stay easy to use.

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–          This machine is a 3/4 thread serger that gives you a professional edge finish on your projects, regardless of the material

–          Is great for using on formal wear, linens, and knits. Use to make decorative edges, clean looking cuffs, perfect ruffles, join laces, spaghetti straps, and serge narrow sleeves.

–          Offers a differential fabric feed, which means no matter what fabric you are using the results will be clean, professional, and even looking.

–          22 built-in stitches with a three-thread and four-thread overlock, rolled hem, narrow, and ribbon lock stitches. There is even a specific stitch function for bridal wear, formal wear, crafts and home decor, reinforced tape, and heirloom uses.

–          The machine is quick and easy to thread and thanks to the instructional video that is included it’s easy to learn how to use it. There is color-coded numbered lower and upper looper threading for ease of use.

–          Comes with a number of accessories that are great for everyday projects.

–          Offers adjustable stitch width between 5mm and 7mm from the left needle.

–          The free arm is removable.

–          The serger uses standard sewing machine needles.

–          Adjustable off/on knife feature which is great for flatlock and pintucking.

–          Adjustable foot pressure, which comes in handy for different weights of fabric.

–          A bright light to ensure you’re never short on lighting.

–          A removable stitch finger.

–          It is able to deliver up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

–          The machine offers a 25-year limited warranty plus free phone support for the life of the product.

What You’ll Find in the Box

–          Foot controller

–          Accessory feet (multi-purpose guide foot and a gathering foot)

–          Accessory bag (needle set, tweezers, four spool nets, cleaning brush, trim trap, and a hexl wrench)

–          Soft cover

–          Instructional CD

–          English/Spanish operation manual


This is a great way to take your everyday projects and instead turn them into something professional looking. The serger itself offers plenty of great features that are not usually included at this price point. As well the quality should be pointed out as the machine feels very solid and secure and should stand up well over time. When you first take it out of the box it’s hard not to feel intimidated by it however thanks to the instruction manual this machine is very easy to set up and before you know it you’re ready to start your project. This makes for a perfect first serger machine as it offers all the basic and some advanced functions. It will also be able to take on the majority of your projects. Threading the machine is easy and the operation of the machine is extremely quiet, which isn’t always the case with sergers.


As mentioned this is a great serger for beginners, but it shouldn’t be confused with an industrial type serger. There are things this machine won’t be able to do and if you plan on doing advanced projects on a regular basis you may find there aren’t enough features and functions for you.



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